About Us


Ninety-three years in the business . . .  is what the cornerstones of Philippine Bed and Furniture Mfg. Corp. is made of. Earning the distinctive recognition on both international and local as a pillar and trendsetter in the business of manufacturing quality sleep sets.

Established in 1927, then named Philippine Bed Factory is a
company with people trained and nurtured through hard work, frugality and
dedication to bring about the production of American and European as well as
other Asian- acquired bed and mattress making technology fitted out with the
state-of-the-art  equipment. Echoing
these modern techniques ceaselessly to our people to be competitively skilled.


The vision of Philippine Bed Group of Companies is to be the leading manufacturer and marketer of quality beds, bed accessories, bedroom linens and household furniture products for the retail and institutional markets at reasonable prices in the Philippines. And in pursuing this vision, we are committed to fulfill the following missions:

  • To give our customers superior value in terms of sleeping comfort and convenience. Thus, our product quality is designed to consider the customer’s comfort and convenience.
  • To treat our suppliers as business partners. As such, we recognize that they, too, need to make a reasonable profit on every transaction they conduct with the company under an environment of mutual cooperation and business reciprocity.
  • To treat our employees as our greatest assets whose endeavor should be given meaning and dignity. Thus, we intend to give our employees adequate compensation and rewards for their efforts and contribution to corporate productivity and profitability.

Today, Philippine Bed continues to fulfill the company’s commitment of bringing Comfort, Support, Health, Quality, Durability and Service to all our customers by manufacturing sleep sets under strict quality control and imported materials.

And after three generations of providing quality beds we can now say that “WE STARTED IT ALL!”

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